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Ms. Pang

My name is Mui Pang (Christine); I emigrated from Hong Kong (China) to The U.S. 8 years ago, now living in Glendale with my family. I completed my college degree with certificate of education and work as a school teacher in China. Because of my joy for teaching I work as a volunteer and participate in many school functions through out the growth years of my children, so I start working as a Educational Assistance in the Glendale Unify School District (GUSD) in 2005, I had worked in different school with different age of kids (Pre-k to grade school), I really like the methods teaching with activities, and I found that learning with programs of fun activities is very important, especially with pre-K and kindergarten kids, my experience is kids are much more willing to participate in learning with fun and games. I also have more than 10 years of experience with Chinese paper cutting, it is a great way to train the patience in children, and they can really have some fun while building up the hand and eye coordination.

I really like to work with children and I love my job as a teacher, my goals is for your children to have a lot of fun learning about the Chinese Culture and daily conversation in Chinese in my class.


Mui Pang
(Pang Lao Shi)


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