Congratulations FCS!


Ms. Lin

My dear friends,

I am glad to have met many friends in La Canada. Let me introduce myself to you. I have lived in La Canada since 1988. My two boys graduated from LCHS. My husband currently works for JPL (since 1987). I moved to the Philadelphia in 1983 and obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science from Villanova University. I moved to Los Angeles in 1987.
Since 1994, I taught Chinese to various age groups ranging from 4 to 17, even
adults. At same time, I took care of all school matters. I taught both traditional and simplify Chinese characters, as Pin Yin and Zhu Yin are convertible. Also, I was deeply involved in the Southern California Council of Chinese Schools, a non-profit organization that holds events its members. Finally, most of my day is spent helping clients find the best real estate deals and loan programs.

It is never too late to learn. I hope we all learn something new every day.

Second Level Class Teacher
Lin LaoShi  (May Shen)
Home: (818)790-8648, Cell: (626)319-0808